6 fairy garden ideas for kids

If you have children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or other little ones in your life, your miniature garden probably gets its fair share of young visitors. Fairy gardens, with their miniature houses, accessories, and wee folk, can be a wonderful outlet for imaginative children who do not mind playing in the dirt. Kids and adults agree—there is just something magical about a miniature garden! If you would like to make your miniature garden a little more child-friendly, or if you are building a new garden and hope to make it a welcoming space for all ages, take a look at the following kid-friendly fairy garden ideas:

1) Grow a garden in a truck! Search your house or local secondhand stores for a sturdy toy dump truck. Fill the back of the truck with soil, miniature plants, small miniature trees, and flowers. Or fill a vintage metal truck with sand, pebbles, and desert plants before parking it on a sunny patio. Kids will get a kick out of seeing toys transformed into garden containers.

2) Do you know little ones who love DIY crafts? Show them that a terra cotta pot can be more than a home for miniature plants. Turned upside down, a simple pot can become a fairy house. All you need are some colorful paints. “Plant” your pot in the miniature garden and wait for fairies to move in.

3) As our kids grow up, many parents and grandparents are left with unused sandboxes and water tables in the backyard. Instead of having these large plastic containers removed, you can repurpose them for use as miniature gardens! Keep the sand for a desert garden, or replace it with soil, miniature plants, miniature trees, and fairy houses. While a sandbox can mimic a garden bed, a water table is the perfect size and height for hands-on play. You will want to consider ground cover plants, faux plants, pebbles, moss, and similar materials for your water table garden.

4) Another cool, kid-friendly container that can give your garden a “vintage” look is a little red wagon. You might have one of these sitting in your garage or attic. Dust it off and add a few of your favorite miniature plants and fairy houses. Now you have a fairy garden on wheels! If you want to keep the garden in one place, secure the wheels with some heavy garden rocks.

5) Did you know? If your children love to build with plastic bricks and other building toys, it’s easy to bring playtime into the garden. Miniature plastic figurines can become garden residents, and fairy houses built from LEGOS or other plastic bricks can sit alongside other, more traditional miniature houses. These miniature figurines and bricks are the perfect size for small container gardens.

6) Get ready for a Jurassic garden! If you have a dinosaur-loving child in your life, they will love building their very own dinosaur container garden. Be sure to fill it with plenty of pebbles, water features, and tropical miniature plants for the dinosaurs to explore. Ramps, bridges, and easy-to-care-for ground cover plants can make a dinosaur garden extra kid-friendly and ready for hands-on play.

Ready to get into the garden with kids? Remember, building fairy gardens with little ones is all about creativity, storytelling, and fun. The container may not look perfectly organized. The miniature trees may not be pruned correctly at all times. But the special memories you grow there will last a lifetime.

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